Customer Problems: Solved

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Wasted resources researching order status

We’ve taken notice of the headaches and miscommunications that can result from trying to obtain “live” order status during fulfillment. To correct and improve this we are integrating a state-of-the-art cloud based application that will give customers real time total load counts for their projects anywhere, anytime simply by logging in.

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Tedious and time consuming paperwork

We know the inefficiencies around the verification and reconciliation of hardcopy paper tickets. To eliminate this we’re implementing new technology that will send electronic load information and digital images of load tickets instantaneously as they are delivered to the customer site via computer or smartphone.

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No visibility of real time job fulfillment

We are aware of the frustration during the job fulfillment process caused by not knowing where your material is and when it will arrive. That’s why we are utilizing technology that will allow customers to see their material deliveries make their way from load site to project location in real time.